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"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

- Fast Eddie Felson, THE COLOR OF MONEY

What is CD3D?

“I had the most absurd nightmare. I was poor and no one liked me.”

- Louis Winthrope III, TRADING PLACES

What is CD3D?

The in-game token for the CinemaDraft gaming platform that also doubles as the star of your DeFi portfolio.

  • BUSD-based: USD stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain
  • whale-free: max transaction = 0.15% of token supply
  • HODL-friendly: 5% added fee to sell
  • crazy deflationary: 10% transaction fee
    • 6% in dividends
    • 1.6% in buyback & burn
    • 2.4% burned to reduce supply

CD3D is the native, in-app token for the CinemaDraft daily fantasy sports (DFS)-style entertainment gaming platform featuring your favorite Hollywood stars.

Shall. We. Play. A. Game?

What can you use it for?

“Show me the MONEY!!!”

– Jerry Maguire, JERRY MAGUIRE

Enter and Earn
Enter and Earn

from CinemaDraft fantasy sports-style contests


it for daily dividends on tokens 30+ days old


on forthcoming celebrity NFTs called Star Cards


for other BEP-20 tokens


your token project here with CD3D

“Ever wonder why fund managers can’t beat the S&P 500? ‘Cause they’re sheep - and sheep get slaughtered.”

– Gordon Gekko, WALL STREET


10AM GMT, 3.30.22


10PM GMT, 3.30.22


8,000,000 CD3D

Minimum Bid

$0.03 BUSD/CD3D


$10.00 BUSD


$15,000 BUSD


Batch/Dutch Auction
  • Enter your bid price per token
  • Enter amount you want to spend
  • Submit your bid & pay small gas fee
  • Once auction ends, token orders will be filled from highest price bid to lowest until supply is gone
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You’re selling the world’s rarest commodity: certainty, in an uncertain world.

– Walter Abrams, TWO FOR THE MONEY




20M CD3D sold and distributed in batch (Dutch) auction sale


Pre-burned = 2.4% of transactional activity of the contract


Locked for the first 90 days, released quarterly in quarter installments every 90 days for 1 year to CinemaDraft, LLC


33% locked for 2 years


Locked, released monthly in 500K CD3D tranches for 40 months: 70% to CD3D DEX, 30% to others

Community Jackpot Fund

Locked with 500K CD3D every 90 days for 4 years to active CinemaDraft players meeting minimum play requirements


75% to holders

(6% of each transaction)

  • 15% to CinemaDraft, LLC
    • 7% to Community Rewards
      • funds the Star Cards digital collectibles of celebrity NFTs (like Sorare) that earn tokens from performance in CinemaDraft games
    • 3% to Staking Rewards
      • all wallets with tokens held 30 days or longer will receive their proportional share of a dedicated staking pool of funds taken from each transaction ○ distributed every 24 hours

    The stars align at CinemaDraft

    “You are only ever as good to me as the money you make!”

    – Micky, 21

    Play the stars

    Field your own fantasy cast of Hollywood stars to compete for prizes and glory. Are you not entertained?!?

    Win more CD3D

    Play games for free for more CD3D. Play games with CD3D for more CD3D. Be an active, positive member of the CD3D community to earn even more CD3D. CD3D here, CD3D there, chances for CD3D everywhere!

    Games every week

    Enjoy a steady flow of volume into the contract with new games on the CinemaDraft platform. New shows, movies, and movie stars every single week.


    “I want to earn enough money that I can get away from everyone.”

    – Daniel Plainview, THERE WILL BE BLOOD

    Finish token contract

    Develop Batch Auction

    ICO token sale

    Begin staking rewards

    Provide liquidity on CD3D.app & others

    Launch testnet CinemaDraft DraftStream TV streaming game

    Launch DEX launchpad

    CinemaDraft DraftStream mainnet

    Host third-party token launches

    Token listings on DEXs & CEXs

    Launch DailyFantasyMovies.com strategy site

    Start Community Jackpot Fund payouts

    Launch Star Cards celebrity NFTs

    Community Rewards payouts to Star Cards owners

    Launch Star Cards auction marketplace

    Launch Star Cards free play-to-earn profit-share system

    Launch CinemaDraft movie game

    Sponsored contests

    International box office-focused contests & talent pools

    Celebrity partnerships/hosted contests

    New game variants, season-long leagues, etc.

    Music, politics, and other content variants

    DEX with the BEST

    “What I love more than money is other people’s money.”

    – Lawrence Garfield, OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY

    What is CD3D?

    Exchange CD3D for other BEP-20 tokens

    What is CD3D?

    Be bold while you hold: Provide liquidity to earn while you wait.

    What is CD3D?

    Join token sales from a variety of formats, including Batch (Dutch) Auction, English Auction, and more.

    What is CD3D?

    Use CD3D to create your own ICO autonomously. No human interference necessary.


    “You’re so money and don’t even know it!”

    - Trent, SWINGERS

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    Cinemadraft Logo Face Mask

    Picture of the author

    Cinemadraft Logo Face Mask

    Picture of the author

    Cinemadraft Logo Face Mask


    Your Questions, Answered

    “A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing.”


    Can I make money with CD3D?

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    Yes. Through exchanging BUSD for CD3D, you can earn in several ways:

    • receiving dividends from transaction fees, automatically compounded into your account (reflection rewards)
    • increase in price of CD3D, due to trading activity
    • receiving dividends through referral fees
    • winning CD3D through games played on CinemaDraft
    • Are you guaranteed to make money? No. Nothing in life is guaranteed, silly.

    No. Because of the autonomous, decentralized nature of the CD3D contract, the CD3D token should not be considered as a security. CinemaDraft, LLC does not control how the CD3D contract works after it has launched. The CD3D smart contract does not offer or promise a rate of return; it is for entertainment purposes only.

    No. You will be able to exchange BUSD for CD3D directly from this site.

    In addition to playing in CD3D entry games for more CD3D, CinemaDraft will offer services and merchandise for which you can exchange CD3D, most likely at a discount to fiat prices.

    No. The price of CD3D is set by the free market of buyers and sellers.

    Play in our CD3D freerolls. Be an active, constructive member of the forthcoming CinemaDraft player community site to earn community rewards. Sign up for a CD3D wallet and share your referral link with others; you will receive 33% of the dividends of your referrals.

    No. The contract only rewards 33% of your direct referrals’ dividends to you. Any of your referral’s referrals’ rewards go to them.

    No. CinemaDraft will maintain segregated wallets for Prizes and other administrative functions. When a player enters a CD3D entry contest, the player will be effectively transferring CD3D from their wallet to the CinemaDraft Prizes wallet, and vice versa when a player withdraws her winnings from the site.

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